The 41st Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society

JNS-organized luncheon seminars & Lunch Time Mini-Symposium

Lunch Time Mini-Symposium : Introduction of Japan-U.S. Brain Research Cooperative Program (BRCP)

Date:July 26 (Thu.) 11:50-12:50
Venue: Room 10 (3B, Hall No.2 Building, Kobe International Exhibition Hall)

Co-hosted by
National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Norihiro Sadato (National Institute for Physiological Sciences)
Takeshi Yagi (Graduate school for Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University)
Masamichi Sakagami (Brain Science Institute, Tamagawa University)

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Diversity Committee Panel Discussion : Promoting Diversity in Neuroscience

Date:July 28 (Sat.) 11:50-12:50
Venue: Room 3 (Reception Hall, Kobe International Conference Center)

Ayako Ishikawa (National Institute for Physiological Sciences)
Hiroshi Ban (CiNet, Osaka University)
Hiroyuki Kida (Yamaguchi University)

Young researchers are faced with the challenge of building a career as a researcher and simultaneously managing their family life, including marriage, childbirth, raising children, and family care. In light of the current circumstances prevailing in the field of neuroscience, it is becoming extremely difficult to balance both their career and family issues. Yet, this challenge is not relevant only to the field of neuroscience, and a solution should be considered for academia as a whole. The three speakers will present topics and pose problems regarding their challenges in living with their families or partners during their specific career progression, from the perspectives of both men and women. Following the lecture, we would like to consider training for the next generation of researchers and providing support for diverse workforce through deepening the interactions among the speakers, female researchers, young researchers, and foreign students, all of those who are responsible for the future of neuroscience. We look forward to your participation.

Language: Japanese

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Noriko Osumi (Tohoku University)
Tomoyuki Naito (Osaka University)
Mayumi Nishi (Nara Medical University)

Luncheon Discussion : Big picture of brain science: what and how should we do in next 10-20 years?

Date : July 29 (Sun.) 12:00-14:00 *Include lunch box
Venue : Room3 (Reception Hall, Kobe International Conference Center)

The field of neuroscience is rapidly expanding with a remarkable development of new scientific tools, such as gene editing techniques, optogenetics, brain mapping, single-cell sequencing and deep learning. This growth poses new challenges for neuroscientists as morecutting-edge, complex, interdisciplinary and often expensive resources are required. In this luncheon discussion, we aim to draw big picture of brain science in Japan, by discussing what and how we should do in next 10-20 years.

Deluxe luncheons will be offered for the first 200 participants in order of web registration. You can choose Kobe Beef luncheon or Sea Bream Mixed Rice luncheon. Please apply by below page or we welcome your join without registration.

Language: Japanese


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Sponsored by: Academic Research System and Inter-society Liaison Committee
Backed up by: Union of Brain Science Association in Japan, JST-CRDS
Organized by; T. Miyakawa, H. Koshimizu (Fujita Health Univ), M. Yuzaki (Keio Univ)